World Vision Starts To Equip Refugees With Business Skills

World Vision Uganda has started up a program aimed at equipping refugees with business skills.

With the ongoing covid 19 pandemic, many refugees have seen a reduction in their already abhorrent standards of living.

Many of these have had to undergo reduction in the ration of food which is attributed to funding shortages. The most affected in these refugee camps have been women, children and the elderly.

The world over has been ravaged by the pandemic which has greatly affected the economy in different countries.

According to the UNHCR, Uganda is home to over 1.4 million refugees and as the world celebrated World refugees day yesterday 21st June 2021, World Vision has decided to take a step in equipping these with business skills.

This is aimed at supplementing their finances a thing that would see them become self reliant.

Some of the refugees described their situation as very worrying.

These added that covid had disrupted everything and even when the government had given them seeds to plant, they couldn’t due to poor weather conditions and lack of enough land.

“For me since morning I only took tea without sugar. Now I want to spare that little food for supper. They even gave us some cassava cuttings to plant but they haven’t germinated because there is no rain.” Richard Jumathy a refugee talked about the hunger crisis that has hit them.

“Right now a person gets only 7kgs of food. Before the pandemic, we used to feed well but now the food has been massively reduced. That’s the main challenge for us.” Ezra Turban another refugee narrated.

World Vision now has now decided to train these refugees in business management. It also goes ahead to provide them with funds to start up small scale businesses to sustain their families.

Douglas Gerald a refugee told of how he had gotten a motorcycle. He said that he would not die of poverty but would rather use it to generate some income for himself.

The refugees said they wanted world vision to bring them light skills and ventures aimed at getting them back in school since most of them were school dropouts.

The office of the prime minister in the West Nile also said skills development was the only way on how to support the livelihoods of refugees.

Mary Njeri the World Vision Refugee Response Director appealed to donors for sustainable funding for refugees in order to help them sustain their livelihoods.

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