What is the highest paying niche for Google AdSense 2021?

What is the highest paying niche for Google AdSense 2021

Well, in today’s article, I am going to show you the highest paying niche for Google AdSense. At first, I used to ask myself whether earning a lot of revenue depends on the levels of traffic your website gets… However, I got frustrated a bit because my website used to get huge sums of traffic but with little revenue, and my friends’ website had low traffic but with huge revenue. Well, his hack was very simple, he targeted a very rich niche that even did not need him to publish on a daily basis like I used to do… In this, his CPC was quite high around $1. With this, he used to make around $10 to $25 per day.   

These are the most common mistakes new bloggers make, many of them choose low-paying niches because all they care about are numbers. Well, the fact is all of us want huge sums of traffic to our websites but then forget one thing, the value of the content that we publish. With that introduction, lets dive into today’s talk and explore the highest paying niche for Google AdSense in the United States in 2021.

  • Insurance

Currently, insurance is the highest paying niche in the United States with an average cost per click (CPC) of $17.55. Hmm, all types of insurance fall under this niche for example health, home, auto, and life insurance. With this, a lot of businesses are willing to pay more for clicks on an insurance ad simply because they can have an incredibly high ROI, even with much higher cost per click (CPCs).

  • Online education

This is a very high profitable niche for anyone who has invested his money and time to develop content and expects much from Google AdSense. According to research, in the past few years, digital learning has witnessed massive adoption and growth. Recent statistics show that the e-learning market will hit $243 billion by the year 2022. To make things more clear, the COVID-19 outbreak has forced many students and professionals to take advantage of the opportunity to acquire skills and qualifications online. Therefore there is an increase in the usage of online platforms offering free and paid online courses for example Udemy, Harvard Online, Coursera, etc. According to SEMRush, the average CPC for an online niche is about $12.08.

  • Marketing and Advertising

Personally, I am a huge fan of marketing and advertising, therefore, I am in my favorite field of expertise. Briefly, marketing is a core and fantastic aspect of any business and thus websites with awesome content for marketing and advertising are very nice for readers. Additionally, more so, these always enjoy high revenue payouts from Google AdSense. The blogs also always provide good insights into marketing strategies that can help most of the local and international businesses to grow. These have topics for example Digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Google Adwords, Market research, Advertising and Public relations, Traditional advertising, etc. This niche has an average Cost per Click of $6.45.

High Paying Keywords for Marketing and Advertising

In the US, email marketing tools top the list for the highest paying keywords with a CPC of $27.85. Ecommerce SEO has a CPC of $24.72. Local internet advertising has a CPC of 22.08. The CPC for Internet marketing company stands at $22.05.  SEO consulting services have a CPC of $20.95. PR and SEO lead the pack of keywords with the highest search volume in this niche.

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They have monthly search volumes of 135,000. Logo design has a search volume of 110,000 per month, while advertisement has a search volume of 90,500 per month. Also, marketing has a monthly search volume of 90,500

  • Legal averaging

This is another fantastic niche that someone can really invest in in order to gather huge revenues with Google AdSense. This is because legal services are very essential for businesses and individuals. Surely, you will need legal advice every time you want to register a new business, write a will, sell the property or resolve any conflict. According to SEMRush’s data, the average CPC cost for the legal niche in the United States (US) is $6.11.

  • Internet and telecom

Honestly speaking, this is a very broad niche that covers quite a couple of topics for example Mobile Technlogy, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Artificial intelligence, Wireless  Technology, Automation, Chatbots, etc. In recent times, technology is evolving at a swift pace therefore it has changed the way we live and interact with people. There are various discoveries, apps, tech solutions every single day. Additionally, there are so many startups that are emerging. Therefore, there is a lot of competition in the tech space thus forcing companies to make massive investments in ads. The average CPC for this niche is $4.96 in the United States.

Other High paying niches for Adsense include the following

  • Crypto Currency
  • Online Banking
  • Home and Garden
  • Auto Mobile Dealership

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